About Us

Family Owned Pizzeria!

The story of Mani`s began over 30 years ago in South Side, Chicago in a humble submarine shop. Over the decades, Mani accumulated industry knowledge and skills across various franchised and private restaurants. This all culminated in the creation of Mani`s Pizza & Wings back in 2003. Over the past 15 years we have had the pleasure of serving over a million people across the GTA. Our commitment to quality ingredients, rigorous taste-testing and attention to customer needs is what has allowed us to thrive in such a tumultuous industry. Today, Mani’s Pizza embarks on an ambitious plan to move beyond its sole location by starting with you. Making you, our customer, feel more valued than you have ever felt before. Without you, we would not be standing here today. With you, we can make Mani’s Pizza a household name. So, it is by rewarding you for your many years of patronage, that we intend to begin our expansion plans. Stay tuned for many updates to come.