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Burger Corner

Aloo Tikki Burger -Regular5.99
BurgerPhilly Cheese Steak BurgerSingle8.99
BurgerFish BurgerSingle6.99
BurgerRinger BurgerSingle9.99
BurgerSpicy Cajun BurgerSingle8.99
BurgerGyros Beef BurgerSingle10.99
BurgerCheese BurgerSingle5.99
BurgerVeggie. BurgerSingle6.99
BurgerBacon Cheese Burger (Beef)Single7.99
BurgerChili Cheese BurgerSingle7.99
BurgerMushroom Swiss BurgerSingle7.99
BurgerBreaded Chicken BurgerSingle6.99
BurgerGrilled Chicken BurgerSingle7.99
BurgerGrilled Chicken BurgerDouble9.99
BurgerBreaded Chicken BurgerDouble8.99
BurgerMushroom Swiss BurgerDouble9.99
BurgerChili Cheese BurgerDouble9.99
BurgerBacon Cheese Burger (Beef)Double9.99
BurgerVeggie. BurgerDouble8.99
BurgerCheese BurgerDouble8.99
BurgerRinger BurgerDouble11.99
BurgerGyros Beef BurgerDouble12.99
BurgerPhilly Cheese Steak BurgerDouble10.99
HamburgerBeef BurgerDouble7.99
HamburgerBeef BurgerSingle4.99
Vegi. Burger - 6.99
Vegi. Ringer Burger - 7.99

Available : Pizza Toppings Are : Count as Single Toppings
Sausage - Pepperoni - Ground Beef- Anchovies- Green Peppers - Hot Peppers - Green /Black Olives
Onion - Mushrooms - Sliced Tomatoes - Pineaaple - Parmesan Cheese
Pizza Topping : Count as Two Toppings
Sun dried Tomatoes - Tandoori Chicken /Chiecken Sheesh Kabob - Jalapeno Peppers - Feta Cheese - Double Cheese - Cheddar Cheese

We have special rates and promotional prices between the hours of 12:30 to 3:30 PM for all corporations. Call us for details and references at (905) 568-3333.



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