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About Us

Mani's Pizza is the best pizzeria/fast-food restaurant in Mississauga, carrying everything under one roof. Our dough is made daily steeped in Italian tradition, skillfully prepared from the highest quality ingredients. Our pizza and pasta sauces are unique in taste made with the finest plum tomatoes from California mixed with special Greek/Italian spices and cooked to perfection for hours, seperating itself from other restaurants. Mani's Fettucini Alfredo with chicken is known all over town. Breaded Halibut Fish and other sea food items remind customers of traditional English Fish & Chips. Gyros and breaded Chicken Wings will give customers the great taste of downtown Chicago, where Mani originally began his fastfood career in the early 80's. In short, whatever Mani has learned in the past 25 years he has applied it to the current Mani's Pizza menu. Mani's Pizza delivers all across the west end of the GTA, Mississauga, and Brampton including 72 hotels and motels, big and small corporations, and schools due to its convenient location adjacent to all major highways.

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